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2023: Trouble in Enugu APGA as guber aspirant quits party, cites commercialization of nomination form



Mr. Chukwunonso Daniel Ogbe, who few weeks ago defected to the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), to prosecute his governorship ambition has surprisingly resigned from the party.

In a three page protest article sighted by Aprokorepublic, Mr. CD Ogbe blamed what he called “commercialization of politics” as his reason.

Full text: It is necessary that I make clarifications on issues bordering on my recent withdrawal from APGA in Enugu State, as many of my friends and well wishers have been raising concerns over the step I took on the 14th day of April 2022 in withdrawing from APGA.

Prior to my joining APGA, I was a member of an opposition political party, being APA for 8 good years, and remained with APA despite the persecution I and other faithful members of APA suffered in Enugu State.

The erstwhile faithful members of APA rejected mouth watering inducements because of our desire for a better society during our period of stay in APA.

Our moving into APGA was done based on the Onye Aghana Nwanne Ya philosophy of APGA and the understanding that it is a political party that seeks to further the political interest of Ndi Igbo, especially when it was obvious INEC did not want APA to continue being in existence.

I make bold to state that APGA as a political party does not owe me, and APGA has the right to decide how to pilot its affairs in Nigeria.

This is why I have always advocated for a multi party democracy, and seriously kicked against the deregistration of political parties which INEC embarked on in the year 2020.

Thus, prior to the deregistration of APA, I did cut my clothe according to my cloak and embraced APA as a political party that accommodated men of modest means.

I will forever be grateful to APA and the leadership of APA all the days of my life for the sacrifices the party made in projecting me and other men of modest means in Enugu State politically.

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I have always preached and will continue to preach against the commercialization of politics.

What do you think will be in the mind of a politician who spent hundreds of millions of Naira to acquire political power, when he finally gets to power? This is where the malaise of corruption is birthed! The Onye Aghana Nwanne Ya philosophy which our father, the late Odumegwu Ojukwu preached, envisages that a man should not be shut out from being heard because the man does not have excess money to throw about in the course of seeking to acquire political office.

The Onye Aghana Nwanne Ya philosophy cannot be said not to have been attacked when only ‘Nwanne Ji Nnukwu Ego’ is to be respected and heard, ‘ebe nke na ejighi nnukwu’ ego should not be heard, even when he has better ideas to offer for the betterment of our society.

About 5 persons have purchased the governorship nomination form of APGA for the Enugu State 2023 governorship election thus far.

I can assert that most of them were never old members of APGA in Enugu State. Some are those who are well known PDP, but were and probably in reality are still members of the same PDP that has been in power in Enugu State since 1999.

Some of them are those who have worked with the oppressors of the people over the years in Enugu State, only for them to quickly run into APGA, while telling us how they seek to create a better society for us, even when they have been with the PDP Government in Enugu State all these while. Yet, these men got the governorship nomination form of APGA because they have money.

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The gubernatorial form now goes for #15 million. Before it was N10 million. House of Assembly goes for N2.5 million, House of Representatives is N7 million, while Senate is N 10, million. The cost has prevented men of modest means, especially the youth from vying for political offices. Ideally no nomination form should exceed a million Naira, as it is an opportunity to serve and not a business venture for one to aspire to vie for a political office.

Some people believe that I am too young to run for the office of Governor of Enugu State and that I should run for a lesser political office, which belief is manifestly false. I am not too young to run for the office of Governor of Enugu State at the age of 36.

I know as a fact, without sounding immodest, that I will do exceedingly well if elected the Governor of Enugu State, and even some of those who oppose my aspiration and look down on me because they believe I do not have stupendous wealth know that fact.

THE PROBLEM IS MONEY. Many of us only respect and worship rich men in Nigeria, and my sojourn in opposition politics in Enugu State since 2014 made this fact clearer to me.

I know as a fact that I must not be the Governor of Enugu State. I know as a fact that I MUST not be a political office holder. I have been given an appointment (political appointment) before in Enugu State, yet I respectfully rejected the offer because it was done in order to buy me over. I stood my ground without identifying with the oppressors of the people in Enugu State, even when I would have probably made money by identifying with the oppressors of the people.

Even though I must not occupy a political position, I should be given a chance to try. I should not be prevented from trying solely because I do not have too much money like some of those who effortlessly procured the governorship nomination form of APGA because they have it.

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If APA was not deregistered, maybe, the platform to be heard would be there. I have lost elections under APA, and I remained with the party before INEC struck with its deregistration attack, which I regard as part of the attacks against the Nigerian people, aimed at furthering the political interest of the elites in our society.

I make this assertion knowing full well that INEC lacks the moral authority to deregister a political party when INEC is yet to address issues like vote buying on election day, and other forms of electoral malpractices which has made it difficult for up and coming political parties to thrive.

The events of the past days have been emotionally traumatizing for me, but I and other comrades adversely affected shall overcome.

I thank friends and associates who supported me financially in attempting to procure the Gubernatorial Nomination form of APGA, and those who believed in me, and took far reaching steps in order to see to it that the form is procured, even though painfully without success. May the good Lord bless you all immensely.

It is not yet over. We shall still be heard. We shall overcome! One day, that money will come and we will not be prevented from making our land great because of our financial standing in the society.
Thanks and God bless. Barr. C. D. Ogbe.

It would be recalled that, CD Ogbe left his former party, African Peoples Alliance (APA) to APGA to prosecute his governorship ambition but his marriage to his new found party did not last long.


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