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Absence Of Ogbono In Asaba Markets- The Ogbono Mystery (A MUST READ)




Decades ago, a young lady named Onishe was supposed to participate in a village dance of which the prince is to choose a wife among the female dancers and Onishe happens to be the most suitable person the whole town had in mind that the prince will pick, probably an early consultation have been made with her family. Unfortunately, she ate ogbono soup which mistakenly stained her white unknown to her because she was running late to the venue
(normally Asaba wear white on major events)
So, after the dance she was disqualified because of the ogbono stain. Because of the trauma, she ran to the river side to commit suicide. Despite the plea from the villagers, she eventually jumped into the river.
Before jumping into the river, she told her people to avoid ogbono because it have cost her life and destiny. Till date the spot where she got drowned was where the deity Onishe Asaba is built and funny enough ogbono tree grows inside the shrine but despite its closeness to the river, it never falls into the river.

If you want to buy ogbono in any Asaba market it would be on proxy, you have to tell them you want to buy “okro enu”, you will easily get it sneaked into your bag .

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Source: Logicmantv

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