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APROKO ASK!! 86FB And 86z Investment Finally Crashed, Runaway With Investors Funds – How Much Did You Lose?



Football betting is incredibly popular in Nigeria, during the weekends you will see people logging in to their bet accounts with the different platforms to place bets with the hope of winning big.

If you are lucky enough, you will be one of those smiling at the end of the week, while for the many others who lost will have to wait for another weekend or day, so they can try their luck again.

If you noticed, I used the word “luck”, this is because that is what gambling is, since you cannot be 100% sure of the outcome of an event, you can only make a calculated guess.

Now lets talk about 86fb, which is a football investment platform. 86fb is football investment platform were you can earn money from games giving to you by the platform with a win probability of 96%

According to its website “86FB was established in May 2015.It is one of the companies under the City Football Group. It has football-related businesses in major cities around the world, including football clubs, academies, technical support and marketing companies.


How 86fb Work?

When you register on 86fb, you will be given up to 3 games daily to play, from which you can get up to 3% profit. This betting does not work like the normal betting you know, in this case, it is almost like a reverse betting, which I will explain.

Let’s say you are given a correct score of 3-0 to bet on a game, now if the game ends at any other score apart from 3-0, you will win. You will only lose if the game ends 3-0.

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That’s not all, as long as you play the game given to you by the group, if it happens that you actually lose, the team will return your deposit to you 100 percent.

The only time you actually lose is when you don’t play the game given to you by the group, and it ends up bad, there will be no refunds.

You don’t even need to be a pro at betting to make profit on this platform, even if you are not interested in sports, you can still make money here. With a minimum of 3500 naira, you can get started making money.

And NOW THI!👇🤣

It crashed and disappear with peoples money just like MMM. I warned them but they refuse to listen.

Did you invest with them or know anyone that invested?

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Ojogwu Godwin Chukwudi hailed from Delta State. A young talented personality, Alumnus of Delta State university,Abraka Studied Library and information science. He is an intellectual cyber communicator expert and a prolific blogger professional.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Youngdon

    April 27, 2022 at 8:45 am

    I invested with them but being that am an online person since and know how things work in this space, i got my capital back and some profits before they crashed.

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