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Beware of Omojola Adesoye Adeola, He is a scammer, Young lady narrates her ugly experience with him (Must Read)



Young lady from Delta state has come to share her ugly experience with a young man by name Omojola Adesoye Adeola who she claimed duped her of her hard earned money and she is using this opportunity to advise the general public of the said guy as she don’t want other people to fall prey to such.

In her chat with Aprokorepublic correspondent, she said “this is to inform the public to beware of this scammer called OMOJOLA ADESOYE ADEOLA⁩. He is a thief and an imposter who claims to be the Legal Administrator of Netcom in order to defraud the public just as he duped me. He is neither a lawyer, nor does he work with Netcom. He is impersonating the identity of one OMOJOLA JOSEPH OLAOYE who is a lawyer, taking advantage of the fact that they happen to bear the same surname. NBA and Netcom confirmed to me that he is not one of them. He operates by gaining your trust and uses familiarity as his weapon to get close to victims, lie to you that he’s the lawyer for Netcom Africa, show you fake appointment letter and other fake evidences, then dupe, block your lines, and run.”

Hear her story below.

I happened to meet this guy around April 2019 at a comradeship program in Abuja, and it was a gathering of people I felt I could trust. He referred to himself as Barr. Omojola, that his name is OMOJOLA JOSEPH OLAOYE Esq.

22nd November he chatted me up and tried to make me remember him. Finally I recalled after the introduction and picture. 3 days later he called me around 9pm, when I was almost sleeping in my house in Delta State and sounded like an emergency. He said he was in my school environment in Delta State and stranded, that he had come all the way from Abuja to see someone and needed help with accommodation. After cautioning him for not informing me before time, I still had to help because I knew him from somewhere. I called a male I know in one of the hostels to help accommodate him. 2days later he left.

2021 this guy started chatting me again, asking for financial assistance, asking for relationship, wanting to be close, but I wasn’t really interested even though I tried not to be rude or arrogant. He even informed me of a job interview invitation he got from “Netcom Africa”, how he previously worked with FIRS Abuja but has resigned to take up his new job with Netcom as their Legal Administrator. He even screenshoted and showed me an email supposedly sent to him by Nigerian Bar Association as their colleague to attend meeting/seminar.

Sunday February 28th he called me and said he is on his way to Delta State. He didn’t call me before coming and I didn’t invite him. I asked him why he was coming and he said that his place of work “Netcom Africa” asked all their staff to go home because 2 of their staff caught covid. Well, he said he’s already on his way from Lagos to Delta, and I didn’t read too many meanings to it because first I met him from a trusted place, and secondly, he has been to Delta State before on his own accord. He said he’s already on his way so I couldn’t say go back or don’t come. He reached Delta and I gave him directions to my house. He arrived in the afternoon with 3 big bags and one school bag like someone who was really relocating. I offered him refreshment. Then he started discussions about what I do for a living, that he sees all the businesses I post on Facebook and on my Whatsapp status. He was filled with sweet words and asked me to tell him more about how I manage to run my businesses. With clear conscience I started exchanging ideas with him until the point where I mentioned that I intend to buy a refrigerator from jumia for my smoothie business. This guy then said there was no need to order from Jumia, that he has 3 new refrigerators and would waybill one down to me. I asked for the size and his description did not really fit the size I had in mind so I discarded the idea, but he managed to convince me to start small first. I agreed and asked him to send me the pictures of the refrigerator if it’s something I would like to buy. He agreed to send the picture the next day. Then he started telling me how he likes me and wants to marry me, that I should prepare my family for his father to come and see them on the 15th of March, that he told his father about me and his family knows me, that he has been watching me from social media and WhatsApp status and seeing all the things I do he is convinced I’m the kind of wife he wants to marry and many other things he kept saying that made me and my roommate laugh because how can you just come and say you want to marry someone just like that and you’re already booking date so soon just like that and saying you told your family about me when I don’t even know your family and infact everything sounded weird and funny. Someone I barely know, if not for the fact that I met him in a place where I considered the people to be trust worthy. His talks sounded odd but I tried not to be rude or arrogantly shut him down. I just played nice and asked him to pack his stuffs and go and spend the night in the hostel of a male student whom I contacted to help accommodate him since he has travelled but left his key behind. He said his battery was low so I gave him my new power bank and original charger. The next day he sent me pictures of the refrigerator and I asked that it be waybilled down for me to check before I pay. However, he said waybill is 15k but I gave him 13500 for the waybill cost. I even dropped by that hostel to give him jollof rice I bought just to be nice to a visitor and left in less that 15 minutes. When I came he said he had a request to make, and that his request is for me to kiss him. I told him I wasn’t interested and left. That discouraged me from going to that hostel again. At night, he would send me text telling me to come over, at a point I had to warn him and rudely shout at him to stop calling my phone or texting me with all those rubbish that I wasn’t interested.

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He stayed from Sunday till Tuesday and left Wednesday. I gave him the 13500 on Tuesday 2nd March, it’s that same Tuesday 2nd March I warned him to stop making those advances to me, and on Wednesday which is the next day he dropped a message on Whatsapp saying he is on his way to Lagos. He didn’t even inform me he planned to return to Lagos that day. He just told me he is already on his way, and that he had dropped my power bank and charger and the key in that hostel. I asked him to send the number of the driver doing the waybill, he sent one fake non-existent number that doesn’t go through even till today, yet he claimed the waybill was on its way and the driver promised to contact me when he gets here. I asked for the number of the person who helped him to take the refrigerator to the park and did the waybill, then he gave me the number of one Miss Helen Netcom, claiming it is his sister, but when I dialed the number, I discovered that this contact was already saved to my phone as “Adeola Lawyer Abuja”, I realized it was the number he used to call me last year when he came to Delta State and needed help. He gave me his other line just to deceive me. He is he one who replies my chats on that number claiming it’s his sister. I called endlessly but no one picked, instead the number texted me to stop disturbing. I kept chatting the number on Whatsapp but the person (you in disguise) finally insulted me and blocked me. I decided to go back to that hostel and safeguard the key for the owner, only to discover that this guy who said he left my power bank and charger actually took them with him. The hostel is an empty room with just plates, reading table, bed, and a big gen, so there was really nothing else he could possibly steal from the student room.

When evening came and no driver called me, I called this Adeola guy and he was acting funny, so I told him to refund my money that I wasn’t interested in buying his fridge anymore. He would pick my call and drop the phone for my credit to waste, he would busy my call, he even claimed he will take legal actions against me for CAC to close all my businesses registered with them, he kept bragging that he is a lawyer and will deal with me, at some point he sent Netcom email address and screenshots of his name on NBA website and dared me to report to them, sue or summon him in court and he will show up and deal with me. It drove me crazy how you just ran away with my money, staged a fake waybill, and still forming lawyer, daring me to report, and threatening a legal action against me. On what basis! The audacity!

I had to write to that Netcom email he sent me, to inquire when their company will be opened (so that I can meet him there and try to understand what the hell was happening), and I got a reply from them saying they were closed indefinitely. But after a few weeks, I checked google and saw that Netcom was opened, I contacted their official line and confirmed they are open for operations. So I tracked him to Lagos and got to where he claimed he worked with Netcom office at Sapeto Tower, No.1 AdeolaOdeku Street, Victoria Island on the 23rd of March 2021, but upon getting there, the Netcom staff told me that they never closed down operations this 2021 nor asked their staff to go home and none of their staff caught covid, when I showed them the email I wrote to and their reply they said it’s not them that’s not their email and it’s a scam, I showed them the interview letter and job appointment letter even carrying their company logo but they said this is never from them and even said that the HR that signed the fake appointment letter was not the name of their HR, the lady who attended to me read the appointment letter and saw where it was stated that provisional accommodation was made for him in their staff quarters within the Netcom office environment then she debunked it that they have no such accommodation for staff, I showed them his picture and they said no such person works there, I gave them his full name and they said no such person works there, other members of the staff were called too and they all testified that he is unknown to the company. The receptionist asked me for his details, and reached him, but he blocked her too. They then confirmed to me hat he is a scammer and not their staff or Legal Administrator.

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I returned back to Delta State, visited the official website of Nigerian Bar Association and got their hotline. I spoke with the representative for 7 minutes: he said they have no lawyer with the name Omojola Adesoye Adeola, and all they have is Omojola Joseph Olaoye, and that is this person doesn’t have the legal stamp of the Joseph Olaoye then he is an imposter and not the real Joseph. He asked me to hold on for him to check their database, then he confirmed to me that this was a misrepresentation because one person cannot be bearing Omojola Joseph Olaoye and still be bearing Omojola Adesoye Adeola (I printed my bank statement showing the transaction I made to him and his real name is Omojola Adesoye Adeola which we all know that Nigerian banks must verify to make sure that the name with which you operate and account must exactly tally with what you have in your BNV, valid identity cards, documents or other data, and your thumbprint. Even in school, we know that switching arrangement of name is not even allowed, not to talk of using 2 entirely different names. So it is not possible to be existing as those 2 persons at the same time).

It then dawned on me that what happened was not a mistake but a deliberate target to get familiar with me, find out ways it will be possible to scam me, then eventually dupe me, because obviously, he has been lying about everything concerning his existence. I began to recall other instances when he has tried to get money out of me, for example when I talked about my NYSC transfer, he claimed he does transfer and could work things out for me if I paid for it, but I told him the time has not yet come. There were also times he just called me up for financial assistance, wanting to borrow money, little did it know he wants to borrow and run. Also when a little Minor girl was molested and impregnated and I posted it on my status, this fake lawyer called me to say he can take up a legal litigation against the perpetrators if I pay some money, but I told him the case is already being handled. He has been putting all effort to get money from me.

I tried to reach out to people who I got to know him through their program in Abuja, and they told me he also made attempts to defraud them on certain occasions too, that they were surprised to see me snap picture with him, that they thought I was aware he is a scammer. The thing is, nobody informed me so I fell prey too. Another person told me how he borrowed money but never paid back till today, while another female told me how he has been struggling to come close to her and form familiarity but she didn’t allow that. They said he is untraceable to them and also lied to them about his identity too. I didn’t know he is a serial scammer, and if I had given him money for the refrigerator at once along with the waybill money, that’s how he would have defrauded me even more and mocked me even more painfully too. And to think that he came and even tried to fake marriage hoping to get access to cheap sex while he was around in addition to his plans to dupe me….the audacity! And I was stupidly playing cool, playing harmless, playing not wanting to be harsh and rude, not knowing I was playing into his hands and strategies.

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The money he stole from me may be small but the fact that he mocks me, dares me, and even blocked me on all platforms. He even blocked my friends who called him to refund my money and send my stuffs back to me, is what pains me the most, and I have decided to warn others of whom he truly is because his next victims might loose even bigger money in this hard economy. When my friends call him to return my stuffs and money, he tried to water down the seriousness of the issue by telling my friends that we have been dating for many years, of which my friends even knows that’s not true. How can you ask someone to marry you straight up on Sunday and claim she has become your fiancé from Sunday to Tuesday when you stole from her and ran. Does asking someone out frees you from the guilt of stealing, or does it give you a license to steal and run? When people call him, he starts claiming to them that he is rich, he lives in Victoria Island, he works in Netcom as a Lawyer, he will sue them too if they talk to him anyhow, he is paid almost 200k salary monthly, my money is nothing to him, he takes flight, and many other stupid things that are not relevant to refunding my money, before I made my finding and discovered everything he makes mouth about are all empty lies. Those are his strategies and this is what he does for a living. He has even put all his social media on private so no one can see anything. This whole thing made me cry, discouraged me for days and got me depressed too.

His fake job appointment letter carries the name Omojola Adesoye Adeola

His fake lawyer identity is Omojola Joseph Adeoye

His bank name has the identity Omojola Adesoye Adeola

He introduces himself to people as Lawyer Omojola Joseph Adeoye

He just can’t be the 2 persons at the same time.

His Facebook name is El Ray Marx
His Twitter is El Ray Marx @josepholaoyeesq

His phone numbers are:
07046358867 (Whatsapp)

I’m alerting the public because of his mode of operation which is familiarity and trust. If I had been alerted by those he tried to dupe before, I wouldn’t have fallen into this trap. Therefore, I am alerting the public.

Attached to this, I’ll be sending as proof, screenshots of:
1. My bank statement showing the transaction and his real name and my alert of payment to his account
2. Times when he wrote to me that his name is Omojola Joseph Olaoye
3. Times when he claimed he is a lawyer
4. His fake job interview invitation letter and job appointment letter from Netcom as their Legal Administrator
5. Our discussion about the waybill, the fridge pictures and model description he sent, the fake Miss Helen Netcom contact he sent, the fake driver contact he sent, him telling me to stop disturbing him with his second line which he claims belongs to Miss Helen Netcom.
6. The times he dared me to sue him he is waiting and sent screenshots of Omojola Joseph Olaoye on NBA site claiming that’s him (impersonation) and daring me to report him, not knowing I would be reporting an innocent person wrongly if I had down that.
7. The time he sent me Netcom email address to report him to them, and my inquiries and the report I got from Netcom(which happens to be operated by him as it a fake Netcom email).
8. When he first started chatting me trying to make me remember him from the program at Abuja and introducing himself to me as Omojola Joseph Olaoye. Screenshot of the first time I helped accommodate him when he contacted me urgently for help saying he was transfer in Delta State.
9. Screenshots he sent to me claiming he has meeting with Nigerian Bar Association as a Lawyer, of which he claimed the email was sent to him by NBA
10.I have so many witnesses to how this guy came to Delta state, duped me and ran away.
Let the public beware and avoid Omojola Adesoye Adeola

I’m writing this with pains in my heart as a young Nigerian girl trying to do legit work to survive and a local scammer comes to prey on my trust to defraud me of my hard earned money gotten from my sweat!!




Below is Picture of Omojola Adesoye Adeola


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Vincent Onyegaegbochi Okoye (born 23rd April) is a Nigerian blogger, writer, entrepreneur and a librarian. Born and raised in a Catholic Family from NRI in anaocha local Government Area of Anambra state, Nigeria, Graduated from Delta state university, Abraka, in the year 2018 where he studied Library and Information Science.

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