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Chijioke Edeoga: Acceptance beyond boundaries – Reuben Onyishi (Ugoachataberu)



Chijioke Edeoga, Acceptance Beyond Boundaries – By Reuben Onyishi (Ugoachataberu)


The level of acceptance and goodwill that greets Hon. Barr. Sir Chijioke Edeoga’s governorship candidature is unheard of. We had yet to see such dimension of public goodwill in the recent past, except between 2014 and 2015 while Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi processed his candidacy. Ugwuanyi’s deluge of support was akin to what is currently playing out in regard to Chijioke Edeoga, even as the PDP primaries are few days away.

The social media within Enugu circle had first gone agog with much excitement, acceptance, goodwill and jubilation over the person of Chijioke Edeoga. The torrential goodwill messages and best wishes deluge like heavy rains. The people of Enugu State are enamoured of Chijioke’s personality and antecedents of excellence, uprightness, integrity, competence and meritorious public service. Chijioke exudes this charming aura and charisma. His presence brings to bear ambience of peace, hope, faith and assuring calmness and equanimity. Edeoga is a man of glory and uncommon greatness. He towers intimidatingly high and his natural hue, healthy countenance and mien visibly brightens his alluring handsomeness. Chijioke has also this eclectic knowledge of almost ominiscient proportion and this is accentuated by his holding his own in the place of wisdom of Solomonic dimension. Alas! God make leaders and they are born to achieve greatness. Chijioke is born to lead and lead well. No wonder he commands astronomical dimension of public acceptance.

Besides the avalanche of goodwill messages and total acceptance of Chijioke Edeoga’s candidacy on social media, a greater and large expression of passionate outpouring of encomiums, ululations and shouts of joy greet Chijioke wherever he goes.

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From Uzo-Uwani through Nsukka to Igbo-Eze North and South; from Udenu to Igbo-Etiti, eyes have yet to see and ears yet to hear the manner of emotions with which Chijioke Edeoga’s candidature is passionately held. The people would surge and shout; sing, dance and caper: leap, stamp and genuflect in obeisance to the maker of this rare gift freely given to the people of Enugu State.

Interfacing with delegates in the six local governments that make up Enugu North Senatorial Zone, Chijioke was at each of the local governments well-received with praises and shouts of joy. Speakers at each of the places extolled his virtues and prayed God to make good his aspiration as Enugu would be better off for it. They recognize the fact that Chijioke Edeoga is the binding force of a united and progressive Enugu State, a centripetal force that seamlessly binds the people of Enugu State together, for the love, public goodwill and acceptance he wields know no political boundary. (Please see my essay entitled “Chijioke Edeoga, the Melting Point of a United Enugu State”).

Testimonies abound of Edeoga’s relationships across the state. Chijioke treasures and maintains relationships everywhere. He is a selfless wise man who knows how to sacrifice personal comforts to friendship. Everywhere he goes, his friends would surge to appreciate him and testify of his goodness. Edeoga has no blemish anywhere. As many who aspire to rule the state have one case or the other to answer before anti-graft agencies, Chijioke Edeoga has no place in the stigma of abuse of public office. The ocean does not ‘swallow’ anyone whose feet it did not ‘see’. Edeoga has no place in such hall of shame and that is one of the reasons the people of the state are passionately asking for him. One woman who offered prayers for Edeoga on one of the occasions of his interface with delegates prayed that the name of Chijioke Edeoga would ring constantly in the ears of Governor Ugwuanyi until he endorsed him as his successor. Her prayers were greeted with paroxysmal Amen.

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The people of Enugu State have unequivocally spoken their preference for Chijioke Jonathan Edeoga as their next governor who would consolidate Ugwuanyi’s strides and maintain his legacy of peace and security. Chijioke is loved and unarguably the best candidate in all considerations. God has chosen Chijioke, given that besides his qualifications, the justice of zoning is on his side. What more do we do than look forward to Governor Ugwuanyi granting the people of Enugu State their hearts’ desire by endorsing Chijioke? The delegates of the Peoples Democratic Party in Enugu State are looking forward to Governor Ugwuanyi’s directives. Ugwuanyi also commands the love and tremendous goodwill, respect, honour and adoration of the people. He will not miscarry the confidence reposed in him to also leave for the people the legacy of a good successor such as Chijioke epitomizes. Incidentally, the people have found another Ugwuanyi in Chijioke and that is why everyone is asking for Chijioke irrespective of the zones from where they come. The voice of men is the voice of God. May the Lord perfect the good work He has begun in our dear Chijioke Jonathan Edeoga and grant the people of Enugu State their wish.

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