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Do You Know It Is Not Called “Nylon” ,See The Real Name




We are all used to the regular shopping bag, which somehow has become popularly known as ‘Nylon.’


Did you know that your regular shopping bag is not called ‘Nylon’?

You may argue, “Oh, that’s what I have always called it!” Your argument won’t change the fact.

The real name of your regular shopping bag which we also call ‘water proof,’ is a Polyethylene bag made from Polyethylene film.

‘Nylon’ and ‘Polyethylene’ are not the same. Although bags of different categories, including shopping bags, can also be made from ‘Nylon,’ the regular shopping bag we all use is called POLYETHYLENE bag.

If you doubt it, Google is your friend.

What do you think?

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Ojogwu Godwin Chukwudi hailed from Delta State. A young talented personality, Alumnus of Delta State university,Abraka Studied Library and information science. He is an intellectual cyber communicator expert and a prolific blogger professional.

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