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FREAKY FRIDAY!! Is There Anything Like A Wide Vaginal?



We often hear some naughty boys say; “She’s got a wide p*ssy!” But, is there anything like a wide vaginal?

It’s not a real medical phrase, to start. According to Lauren Streicher, MD, an associate professor of clinical obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, “No gynecologist has ever used this word.” She claims that it is completely natural for some women to have a wider (or more narrow) vagina than others. According to Streicher, various persons have varied-sized body components. “An 18-year-old virgin is going to be different from someone who has had previous vaginal births.”

According to women’s health expert Jennifer Wider, M.D., the vagina’s normal diameter is between two and 3.5 cm, therefore anything wider might theoretically be referred to as a “wide-set vagina.”

Despite this, Streicher claims that it truly means nothing and that there is no way for you to tell if your vagina is broader than typical. It won’t affect how heavy your flow is or make you lose a tampon.

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According to Streicher, the strength of your pelvic floor has more to do with the size of the tampon you need and whether it will stay in you rather than its width.
Additionally, having a vagina that is wider than typical would not hinder your ability to conceive. Wider claims that having several vaginal births may actually lead your vagina to become slightly wider than it was, although this is mainly because your vaginal muscles have relaxed.

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Experts advise pelvic floor exercises to tone the muscles in your vaginal wall if you’re worried that your vagina is wider than you’d like. However, this is not really a cause for concern.

Ojogwu Godwin Chukwudi hailed from Delta State. A young talented personality, Alumnus of Delta State university,Abraka Studied Library and information science. He is an intellectual cyber communicator expert and a prolific blogger professional.

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