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Nigeria Gave Amnesty to Niger Delta Militants, do you think is wise to give Fulani Herdsmen Amnesty too (Must Read)



Should the government negiotate or not? 

Over the weeks there have been series of debate if the government of today should negiotate with bandits and probably give them an amnesty. The lines of kidnap of innocent school children the recent being the abduction of 305 female students in zamfare brings this to the front burner again.


There is a school of thought that says since the government in the past gave amnesty to the militants in the Niger delta years ago same should be done for these bandits.


Others say the bandits are just some sets of criminals with no point for aggression and such the government should flush them out.


So far so good the insecurity in nigeria as worsen with government looking clueless. So what do you think should be the way out. To negiotate or to continue fighting?

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