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Obi Promises To Rebuild Nigeria From Consumption To Productive Economy



A Presidential aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP)Mr. Peter Obi, says Nigeria needs urgently to reverse from consumption to productive economy to save the country from total collapse.

Speaking with journalists after addressing PDP stakeholders at the party Secretariat in Enugu, on Tuesday, Mr. Obi lamented that Nigeria is under severe debt burden arising from huge borrowing, which he argued had not been justifiably utilized.

Mr. Obi also pointed out that a situation where the country had started using about 90% of her revenue to service debt was unacceptable and a clear danger signal of bankruptcy

According to the PDP presidential hopeful, many individuals and families have slipped into exterme poverty due to the growing rate of unemployment while many who are employed use almost 100% of their income on feeding alone.

The former Governor of Anambra State argued that the disturbing poverty and unemployment situation had made many, especially army of youths, ready tools for violence, terrorism and other crimes, which were fast spreading across the country.

Mr. Obi berated present and past leaders for not increasing the electricity generation in the country beyond 5,000 mega watts since 1999, despite humongous amount said to have been invested in that sector.

This, he noted, had affected production and manufacturing in the country, which would have also increase employment rate in the country.

To entertain any hope of reversing the ugly trend, Mr. Obi said Nigeria must elect a credible and competent president to lead the country in 2023.

He urged party stakeholders and Nigerians to interrogate the background of people seeking elective positions, especially how they managed public resources in the past.

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For the PDP presidential aspirant, bad leadership is the major problem facing Nigeria and unless the right persons are elected, issues of insecurity and poor economic situation will worsen and force people to become refugees.

Mr. Obi expressed regret that some people seemed not to understand the enormity of the problem as they were still waiting for politicians who would share money and continue to plunder the country at the expense of the masses.

The PDP presidential hopeful insisted that Nigeria must invest heavily in security in terms of increasing the number of security personnel and purchase of equipment as insecurity was speedily spreading to every part of the country.

Mr. Obi said if given the opportunity, he would break the cycle of wasteful spending by cutting down the cost of governance and creating enabling ground for investors and employment opportunities.

He said he would also build wealth that would pull people out of poverty using models that most fast growing economies used, citing China and Morocco as examples.

He appealed to the PDP delegates to the upcoming presidential primaries to save the country from calamity by listening to their conscience and voting a credible person.

He concluded by saying that the society people abused today would take its revenge on the people tomorrow.

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