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Relationship between Nri and Igala – Chief Chukwudị Nwokoye writes (Must Read)



Nri And Igala

The relationship between Nri and Igala dates back to Eri, the founder of Aguleri, Nri and father of Igboariam, Nteje, e.t.c and Onoja the father of Igala.

Nri and Igala share a lot of things in common. For instance, the Igbo has four market days: Eke, Oye, Afọ, Nkwọ. Igala has four market days as well namely: Eke, Ede, Afọ and Ụkwa.

Also the priestly palace attendant in Igala is the Atama, while in Nri kingdom the priestly Eze Nri’s palace attendants are the Adama, the descendants of the great Ezikanebo.

In Nri, some Nri men chose the name “Ataa” as their title name. Also Nri priests used to perform important functions at the coronation of any Attah of Igala before colonization destroyed our ties and important priestly functions.

Again, the scarification which Nri people do (Igbu Ichi) is similar to that of the Igala, with the ray of the rising sun which by extension represents the sun god.

Anambra state has a sizeable Igala population in Anambra West LGA, and are made up of the following villages/towns: Nzam, Igbedor, Inoma, Odekpe, Owelle, Ukwala, Onugwa, Ode, Ala and Igbokeyi.

There used to be a Radio programme in ABS called “Ibowa Igala Mewa” or Igala Ndewonu. (I don’t know if i got the spelling correct.) Nzam is the territory of the ethnic Igbo of Omambala but the Igala speaking minority of Nzam were the descendants of General Ajida, a notable warrior of Idah origin who invaded the town. Ajida is the father of field marshal Ogbe who was married to Iyida.

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Also in Igala, rice is also called osikapa same as in Nri and Igbo people in general.

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Vincent Onyegaegbochi Okoye (born 23rd April) is a Nigerian blogger, writer, entrepreneur and a librarian. Born and raised in a Catholic Family from NRI in anaocha local Government Area of Anambra state, Nigeria, Graduated from Delta state university, Abraka, in the year 2018 where he studied Library and Information Science.