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SPOTLIGHT POEM: I See No Changes By Ayomide Inufin D’Great




This present day is wrapped around a futile future,
Of a past gifted with a beautiful picture,
The right went wrong like Mr. Right who left his bride in pain,
Everything changed — the fall of an empire, the rise of a new reign.

I see no changes,
All I see is pain and agony,
The monotony of acrimony,
Our society sings this in symphony,
A dirge of peace and harmony,
Poverty persists, it colonized and became a colony,
We all dance to the tune, the melody of felony.

I see no changes,
All I see are dreams dying a fantasy,
Oppression has become the new ecstasy,
Depression building a dynasty
in the bones of our youthful pride,
What legacy will it leave if these fruitfulness die?
It’s a beautiful world of a beautiful lie… (Close my eyes)

I see no changes, all I see is impression impressing — a public display of parody
The truth is a lie, a paradox of irony,
They right the wrongs but they’re authors of confusion,
Now it’s a crossroad on the way to salvation.

They no longer call on divine for intervention,
Corruption has become the primary option;
On a secondary level, it’s a core decision,
Change is only but a fiction…

I see no changes,
All I see is racism racing in the human race,
A broken mentality of a mindframe,
Everybody playing mind game,
Now their minds have lost the game — the global gain…

I can’t cease to see,
The wonders of how It has always been,
I hope these beings later see how to be human,
A world war of one world peace, the definition of a true man…

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Ojogwu Godwin Chukwudi hailed from Delta State. A young talented personality, Alumnus of Delta State university,Abraka Studied Library and information science. He is an intellectual cyber communicator expert and a prolific blogger professional.

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